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How to Snatch Great Deals with Hotels, Big or Small

Grabbing a hotel deal can mean different things to different types of people. If you think of a deal as the lowest regular rate out there, you might also be thinking that cleanliness or comfort can be an issue. Or you may picture a deal to be something that gives you decent accommodation for a reasonable price. All you must do is research a bit, concentrating on customer reviews.

The good news is, it doesn’t matter if you plan to stay at a big or small hotel – you can certainly find some nice deals to keep your costs down. Here are pointers that can help:

Large Hotel Deals

One of the best things you can do to find a great deal at a big hotel is visiting their website directly. In fact, a lot of hotel chains would guarantee the best rates online for those who book right in their websites. If you’re planning to stay in one of those hotels, take advantage of that guarantee.

Aside from taking advantage of that guarantee, look for any discounts that you might be entitled to. Some examples are discounts for AAA and AARP members, government employees and military personnel. And if you’re a member of the hotel chain’s rewards program, you can also explore their special rates and other offers.

Deals with Small Hotels

In the case of small chains and independent hotels, you can usually get the best prices are through a booking or price comparison website. Another thing you need to look into is hotel tax, depending on your destination. In some areas, this would be lower if the small hotel’s number of rooms is within a certain limit.

Choose the best rate that fits your needs, but don’t choose the cheaper option so just because of the savings. Make your decision based on the overall cost of your booking, including every fee and charge, and the value of things they might offer you for free, provided you actually need it.

Book your stay and write a note on your calendar on the last day you will be able to cancel without paying a penalty, just in case you change your plans or forget completely. Should there be any questions, bring a copy of your confirmation email to the hotel. If you reserve with your phone, take note of your confirmation number and the name of the person you booked with.

Making Extra Savings

Finally you may save more cash by calling the hotel again when you arrive, asking whether they’ve decreased their rates. It sure happens more often than you probably thought, and they may be happy to offer the lower rate, now that you asked.

The Beginner’s Guide to Hotels

The Beginner’s Guide to Hotels